Předzámčí – Exposition about Jevišovice and neighbourhood

Předzámčí – Exposition about Jevišovice and neighbourhood

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Předzámčí Jevišovice is situated in front of the entrance to the Old Château in Jevišovice. In Předzámčí premises there is located an exposition about the life and history of our region.


What can you expect there in our new exposition?

It will be a trip to a prehistorical history, you will sight a statuette of mythy Venus from Hluboké Mašůvky, see a plentiful range of unique exhibits from crockery, through weapons and decorations, look in the life of our ancestors in the Middle Ages, see how people used to run their farms in the Jevišovice area, get to know weapons from different epochs of our history, but you will also learn this and that about local nature.

Besides knowledge, you will also enjoy a mutual amusement and a bit of hoot with your children in our labyrinth.

Opening hours are every Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16 p.m., in workdays we will be pleased to open the expostition up for you after a phone agreement to +420 06 272 201.


Předzámčí Jevišovice

671 53

Tel.: +420 606 272 201
E-mail: su@jevisovice.cz

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