Pilgrim place Hluboké Mašůvky

Pilgrim place Hluboké Mašůvky

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A significant pilgrim precinct in Hluboké Mašůvky is found just nine kilometers from Jevišovice. This pilgrim place arose around a local healing spring, whose miraculous effects were recorded in writing already in the time before the Battle of White Mountain.

The heart of the precinct is a Lourdes grotto with a waterhole at the bottom of the valley. You can set out for stations of the cross to Calvary from here, possibly you can follow a wood path which is hemmed with pictures of different pilgrim places from Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Austria. On the way back you can walk around the God´s Grave, and if you don´t mind another little walk, you can walk along the Path of Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows with seven stations painted by the world-famous painter Bedřiška Znojemská.

Most visitors come into the pilgrim precinct from a park-place in the middle of the village. In such case they are welcome by the Church of Virgin Mary´s Visitation accompanied by secular lindens in the Mariánské Square. The church was built up as early as in the 17th century. Initially a wooden little church used to lie here, devoted to Virgin Mary of Pasov. The church was considerably rebuilt and enlarged by an extension of a nave and a prismatic donjon in 1949 – 1953. It was probably the last church constructed in this dark era.

Several thousand pilgrims come to visit Hluboké Mašůvky every year. They come to pay tribute to Virgin Mary de Foi. Her statue was given to local believers by the imperial field marshal Louis Raduit de Souches, who acquired Jevišovice domain for his service to the Emperor in the Thirty Years´ War. You can see the enlarged shape of the statue of Virgin Mary de Foi right on the main altar. The original statue of Virgin Mary de Foi was smaller and Louis Raduit de Souches used to keep it hidden under his uniform for his protection. The statue comes from a Belgium convent which was going to be burnt down by Louis and his troops. A Mother Superior begged him to spare the convent. The Marshal granted her plea and the Mother Superior gave him this treasurable statue in exchange.

Behind the church you´ll descend a few steps and find yourself at a small spa colonnade. Because as late as in the 19th century there was a spa here. And it is precisely here where you´ll find this miraculous spring which you can drink with full swigs from.


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