Nature Park Jevišovka

Nature Park Jevišovka

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The river Jevišovka meanders crosswise the Jevišovice territory and a homonymous nature park sprawls on both of its banks. The Nature Park Jevišovka is an area stretched on more than 14 thousand hectares, and it consists of woods, agricultural land and pasturelands.


Interesting facts from the Nature Park Jevišovka

The lowest point is the bootom of the plain of the river Jevišovka at Plaveč (altitute 252 m).

The hightest point is Svatý kopeček (altitute 423 m) which can be found to the South-East of the village Grešlové Mýto.

The oldest finds from the time as early as 40,000 BC by Střelice.

The statuette of Venuse from the Early Stone Age (about 5,000 BC) was found by Hluboké Mašůvky.

The system of watermills on the river Jevišovka and the Plenkovice Brook (approximately on the area among villages Vevčice, Rudlice and Hluboké Mašůvky).

The deposit of valuable stones – garnets to the North of Bojanovice, moldavites by Slatina, opals and chalcedonies by Jiřice u Moravských Budějovic.

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