Jevišovice Historical Festival

Jevišovice Historical Festival

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If you come to visit Jevišovice in the middle of August, you will be a witness of a spectacular historical pageant. Because in that time the Jevišovice Historical Festival takes place.

The festival is organized to commemorate the lord of Jevišovice Hynek of Kunštát called Dry Devil. Dry Devil with his entourage returns to Jevišovice from a winning battle by Znojmo which he waged with the king Sigismund of Luxemburg. In the pageant there are knights, townsmen, pages, but also ladies-in-waiting, horsemen and hunters with their dogs.

Besides the historical pageant and a historical theatre performance you can look forward to a rich cultural programme, horse rides, entertainment and contests for children, and sales tasting of wines from the exhibition the Château Wine Romance.


Jevišovice Historical Festival
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Tel.: +420 515 231 225

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